P2P escrow trade
P2P escrow trade
Contact directly to the seller and take the escrowed coin from the exchange.
Safe, secure trade
Safe, secure trade
We requires only a minimum personal information.
Easy Quantitative trade
Easy Quantitative trade
We offers sellers a convenient way to sell.
P2P trading platform

You can trade through members' communication and freely deposit and withdraw money through your personalized wallet.

Escrow does not happen in any case because it proceeds through escrow.

In real time, the transaction status is notified by e-mail or a certified mobile phone.

Convenient Features

A notification service that tells you what to do for each situation.

An intuitive sales screen that can be easily work from your wallet.

We guarantee your comfortable and pleasant transactions.

Various currencies and coins

We connect buyers and sellers worldwide.

Various participants from USA, Japan and Korea can communicate in each language.

We have many opportunities to make money because of gap of international exchange.